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We thank to the charity and support foundation "Telšiai su Ukraina" informational sponsors for local press newspapers "Telšių žinios" and "Kalvotoji Žemaitija".

Published on 14 May 2022. No. 37 in the newspaper "Kalvotoji Žemaitija"

Small works with great love and help to Ukraine

The charity and support foundation „Telšiai su Ukraina“ counts two months of its activity. More than 50 people worked on a voluntary basis in various activities and in the organization and provision of assistance, but the most surprising thing is the help of ordinary people to the arriving Ukrainians. We thank to p. Mildai Jurkaitienei for making socks for small and large, for buying food and handing them over to the Ukrainians through the representatives of the foundation. We also express our sincere thanks to p. Gediminui Savickiui, for renting housing with household appliances to the Foundation to ensure the issue of accommodation for Ukrainians. One of the first to collect support on their own initiative and transfer it to the foundation support account – Telšiai district pensioners' union, represented by Kajatonas Šliogeris. Thank you for this initiative and support in the implementation of further activities! We also thank another non-governmental organization – the Telšiai Society for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing – which has also joined the campaign to gather support for refugees from Ukraine who have arrived. Among the supporters of the foundation – Viešvėnų county community, to whom we send a sincere thank you! We are grateful to the residents of Telšiai district who supplemented the foundation's budget, who were shown the performance "We read about love" at Telšiai Samogitian Drama Theater. We also sincerely thank the initiator of this idea – Telšiai Samogitian Drama Theater, to the person who has a team of professional employees and we convey special thanks to the director of the theater Deividui Rajunčiui and director Laimutei Pocevičienei. From the very beginning of the foundation's activities, we are accompanied by two organizations, without which all the work would be not what we can enjoy today. We send our sincere thanks to telšiai cultural center and exclusively to the director Linui Ulkštinui. We also thank the Curia of telšiai diocese and special thanks – vicar general Viliui Viktoravičiui, actively involved in the processes of organizing assistance to Ukrainians. We thank the socially responsible entrepreneurs for their undoubtedly most solid contribution to the foundation account, which was also supplemented by the support for Ukraine collected by the Telšiai business community. The funds enabled the foundation to organize events, support the Ukrainian Community Center by donating things, mediating in the recruitment, accommodating, providing educational aids and other items for newcomers from Ukraine. In the near future, other activities of the foundation are planned, which we will definitely inform about additionally, and you can follow the information about us on the Facebook page „Labdaros ir paramos fondas „Telšiai su Ukraina“ or in website https://www.telsiaiukraina.lt/, for the creation of which we are grateful Juliui Šakiui. Thanks to our information supporters - XXL radio and the local press, especially the newspaper „Kalvotoji Žemaitija“ the editor Algirdui Dačkevičiui, helping to convey the right message about the activities of the Foundation to the public. On behalf of the Foundation and the arrivals from Ukraine, we sincerely thank all those who contributed to the creation of the well-being of the arrivals and the unified mobilization for the implementation of the set goals. By starting a mechanism to help Ukrainians, the participants of the fund can testify – telšiai is full of good people who donate their belongings, clothes, monetary funds even in a lack of their basic needs. Thanks to all your help, we can say that it is good for everyone to live in Telšiai district!

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