Donation rules

1. These Rules (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") set out the possible ways of donating to projects published on (hereinafter referred to as the " Website"), the rights and obligations of people donating as well as the rights and responsibilities of donators. Donations can be made using Swedbank, Seb, Luminor, Citadele and Šiaulių bankas e-banking services. Donations can be made in Euro currency. Payments are processed through the payment platform.

2. Terms used in the Rules:

Person – a natural or legal person.

Donating person - a natural or legal person who donates money from his/her bank to the Fund published on the Website by one of the methods indicated on the Website. - the website of the charity and support fund "Telšiai su Ukraina", where information related to the activities of the Fund and the projects carried out by the Fund are published.

Donating person – a person who has donated money to a project published on the Website in his/her own name or in the name of the person in whose name the money was donated.

List of donating people – a list of donating people who have donated money to a project published on the Website, which includes the names of the donating people or the names of their legal entities.

Project – a project with a specific social objective and beneficiary, and the means and budget to achieve that objective, to which donations can be made on the Website for a specified period.

3. Donated money cannot be returned, except as provided for in Clause 11 of the Rules.

4. The name of the donating person or the name of the legal entity indicated on the donation form will be included in the list of donating people, unless the donation is anonymous.

5. The Website Administration has the right to correct grammatically incorrect names of donating people or legal entities before publishing them in the list of donating people.

6. A letter of thanks will be sent to the email address indicated on the donation form, to the project to which the donation was made.

7. The Website Administration is not responsible for any letters of appreciation not received if an incorrect email address of the donating person is provided on the donation form.

8. The Website Administration has the right to use the contact details of the donating people for marketing purposes on the Website, but undertakes not to publish on the Website and not to pass on email addresses, telephone numbers and other personal data to third parties, and guarantees the security of such data.

9. The donating person assumes all and any responsibility for the authenticity of the personal data provided by the donating person and for the transparency of the donation. In the event that a donating person donates on behalf of another person, the donating person shall also assume responsibility for the disclosure of the name of the latter person in the list of donating people, unless the donating person has chosen the anonymous donation alternative when completing the donation form.

10. Once the bank confirms the transfer, the amount is immediately added to the funds collected. In case the donation is made without using the e-banking interfaces installed on the Website, the transfers are credited within 48 hours.

11. In the event that a person makes a mistake in entering the amount of money he/she wishes to donate and seeks to recover part of it, he/she must, within one working day of the transfer, contact the Website Administration, clearly explaining the situation and submitting a request for the return of part of the amount donated. The Website Administration will take a case-by-case decision based on the information provided.

12. In the event that the donating person is unclear about the purpose of the donation in the payment order and it is not possible to distinguish which project the donation is intended for, the Website Administration shall have the right to allocate the donation to any active project on the Website at its discretion.

The Website Administration reserves the right to change the Rules at any time.