USA project

  • psychological counselling for individuals and groups;

  • providing targeted social assistance to Ukrainians to help them settle in, find housing, and acquire essential items;

  • organising self-help sessions;

  • assistance in finding a job or dealing with documentation;

  • providing assistance with medical treatment;

  • organise and provide training to help refugees integrate into the labour market;

  • organise Lithuanian language training;

  • organise camps for Ukrainian children and families, and various events.

The Charity and Support Foundation "Telšiai with Ukraine", together with the financial support of the U.S. Embassy in Lithuania, implements the following activities

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Project period is planned to take 12 months. During this period activities will be organized such as intensive assistance to war refugees and aid schemes will be drawn up, which will gain momentum and will be organized in the future with less financial resources and volume.

During the implementation of this project, all non-governmental organizations working with Ukrainians, Telšiai district municipality, the Employment Service and other organizations involved in solving the issues of integration of refugees in the district will be used. With this project, systematic networks will be improved but not multiplied, therefore the core of partnership will be strengthened.

This project focuses on refugees from Ukraine who are temporarily staying in Telšiai district or region.